Drive more business value from your data with Hansa Cequity’s ActionableAnalytics™

Hansa Cequity’s proprietary analytics tools and framework will enable your business to tap into your structured and unstructured internal and external data to unlock key business insights. Adaptive, customisable and easy to deploy, our ActionableAnalytics™ solution simplifies the process to collect, manage and share data-driven insights among varied users across business functions.

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Accelerating Business Analytics the CoE Way

Building an analytics centre of excellence (CoE) as a way to develop a vision, strategy, guidance and enablers for the design, build and roll out of an organisational capability.

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Analytics for Cab Aggregrators

This paper looks at the evolution of the taxi cab services, and how analytics can help improve the engagement with both users and the driver community.

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Getting the Analytics Journey Right

The difference between classic ‘Information Technology’ (IT) and Business Technology’ (BT). While IT takes a technology-centric approach, BT gets customer centric.

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Lead Scoring and Nurture Model

How by using advanced analytics, sales and marketing teams can tag leads by their propensity to convert, thereby making the organisation more effective.

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Building & Managing a Retail Calendar

Understanding retail from like for like, year on year cycles. Using analytics and data to build a calendar for benchmarking and managing a complex retail operation.

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Capturing the Intent of a Grocery Shopper

Using advanced analytics how can large grocery chains move from centralised assortment planning to acting on customer intent basis a catchment and store location.

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Festive Campaigns Targeting Best Prospects

This paper discusses the use of analytics to predict the best prospects for a highly targeted festival marketing campaign and how we went about measuring its success.

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The Bleeding Vein in the Mortgage Business

Over a fourth of all customers who take a loan customers attrite during their tenure with their mortgager. How analytics can help identify those with the highest risk.

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Leveraging Analytics to Retain Customers

The first step to staying engaged with customers and reducing churn is by using analytics to understand behaviour and the reasons associated for these behaviours.

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